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Nodular third member (Center Section)

If your drag, circle track, or street racer makes so much horsepower that you require a maximum strength rear end – you will want to consider a Ford 9 inch rear end design. Why not take the next step and set your ride up with a bulletproof Strange Pro Nodular Iron Third Member?

With a housing manufactured from D-4512 nodular iron – which is significantly stronger than the iron used on factory rear ends – the Strange Pro Iron Center Section is built to your specifications by the expert technicians at Strange Engineering. You select the number of axle splines, the carrier type (differential or spool), the pinion support, the yoke, and much more; then Strange builds it and delivers it to your door. All you have to do is bolt it in!

The Strange Pro Iron Center Section can accommodate (up to) a 35-spline differential or (up to) a 40-spline spool. Strange Pro Iron Center Section cases are reinforced with extra ribs and additional material; especially apparent in the areas of pinion support and carrier bearing bores. Massive chrome-moly bearing caps are retained by aircraft grade fasteners and solid steel adjuster nuts help to easily and securely setup ring and pinion preload and backlash. Specially engineered lubrication channels make Strange Pro Iron Center Sections the most reliable in the industry. All exterior bolt holes are spot-faced to prevent the possibility of lubricant leaks.
Strange Pro Iron Center Sections are shipped fully assembled with the nodular case (stronger breaking and tensile strength), main caps and bolts, pinion support, yoke and u-bolts, your choice of multiple differentials or spools, your choice of ring gear and pinion (gear ratio), bearings, seals, all necessary hardware and gaskets.

Contact your Strange expert representative and let them start building your custom crafted Strange Pro Iron Center Section, today. It’ll be ready to install quicker than you think.

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