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Billet Third Member

When you absolutely must have the strongest lightweight center section for your Ford 9 inch rear end platform; the Strange Billet 3rd Member is the only option. In fact, from a power-to-weight ratio standpoint, the Strange Billet Center Section is one of the most durable and reliable components that a drag racer can purchase.
Manufactured from aerospace grade 7075-T73 aluminum, the Strange Billet Center Section is capable of accommodating 9-inch, 9.5-inch, and 10-inch gear sets.
Consider that the billet case is superior to other forms of aluminum, on a sub-particle level, and factor-in the raised cross-rib design. Sound strong? Now, combine all that with a mounting flange that is .650-inch thick, and wraparound-style main caps that are secured by AISI 8740 steel bullet head studs and nuts. Oversize bearings and an overkill lubrication system insure that is the best and longest-lasting 9-inch center section on the market.
The Strange Billet 3rd Member is professionally assembled using your choice of gear specific pinion supports, premium Pro Gear Sets, Timken bearings, ARP Ring Gear Bolts, Heavy-Duty Lightweight Steel Spools, and precision-built yokes (or female couplers).
Strange Billet 3rd Member bore diameter is 3.812-inches. Pro Gear Sets vary between a 3.89:1 ratio and a 6.20:1 ratio – depending upon ring gear size.
Timken bearing kits for the Billet Center Section may be purchased as either tapered bearing sets or roller bearing sets; depending upon application. Contact your friendly Strange representative for details.
ARP ring gear bolts and pinion support bolts are used in all Strange Billet Center Sections. ARP bolts deliver a yield strength that exceeds that of chrome moly by nearly forty-percent.
The Strange Heavy-Duty Lightweight Steel Spool is offered in 40-spline configurations and can accommodate 9-inch, 9.5-inch, and 10-inch gears.
Strange Billet Center Sections are offered with your choice of a conventional yoke (in chrome moly) with u-bolts or female couplers (chrome moly).

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