Load image into Gallery viewer, Threaded Adjustable Strut Mount Kit
Load image into Gallery viewer, Threaded Adjustable Strut Mount Kit

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Threaded Adjustable Strut Mount Kit

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The threaded mounts give you total control over the front ride height of your car and the travel in the front struts. Infinitely adjust the ride height of the car quickly without adjusting the springs by raising or lowering the threaded mounts, this can be done with the car on the ground, even in the staging lanes for last minute tuning.

Once you have the strut mount adjusted to achieve your desired ride height, simply lock the spanner nut on the mount.

You can also increase or decrease the amount of travel in the front struts, which is a great tuning adjustment for weight transfer. To increase the amount of travel in the front end simply lower the spring perch down, which will allow more shaft to be inside the strut at ride height. When the car launches the strut will now travel further before it reaches full extension. Keep in mind anytime you make an adjustment to the spring you are also changing the ride height of the car. In this case where the spring was lowered to increase travel, the strut mount would also need to lowered or turned out to raise the chassis back up in order to keep the same ride height.

The inner strut mount features a spherical bearing to eliminate all binding for smooth and consistent front end travel.

During installation the outer piece can either be mounted between the strut tubes or notched into the side of the tubes

Includes outer chassis weld bungs, inner threaded mounts, spanner nuts, spherical bearings, proper bushings and washers, and special spanner wrenches and sockets for the mount. All components are zinc plated.

Threaded Adjustable Strut Mount Package Includes:
(2)-Outer Weld Bungs
(2)-Threaded Inner Mounts
(2)-Spanner Nuts
(2)-Spherical Bearings
(2)-Bearing Spiral Locks
(2)-5/8" Washers
(2)-Strut Top Washers
(2)-Bearing Insert Bushings
(1)-Adjustable Mount Spanner Wench
(1)-Strut Socket Tool
(2)-Black Top Caps